The exhibition project “The Past in the Present. On the 100th anniversary of the Kuskovo Museum-Estate in the Hermitage Pavilion on May 18, 2019, a program of events dedicated to the anniversary anniversary of the museum’s existence opens.

The beginning of the museumification of Kuskovo was laid during the life of its last owner, Count Sergey Dmitrievich Sheremetev, who received a Security Certificate on his estate in the fall of 1918. The nationalized estate of the Sheremetyevs was registered, taken into state registration and protection as “artistically and historically valuable monument of art and antiquities”. It was this that saved the manor from ruin and marked the beginning of the creation of a museum in it that opened the doors for the first visitors in May 1919. Since that time, the Kuskovo Estate Museum counts 100 years of its historical development.

The project “The Past in the Present” unites various aspects of Kuskov's perception:
“memorable Kuskovo”, “Kuskovo in art” and “art in Kuskovo”.
It includes two exhibitions, supplemented by the multimedia program
“Walking into the past”, built on the demonstration of photographs and visual materials in 3D.
This innovative project, communicating the bulk and depth of
18th century graphic images and paintings to planar images, as well as old photographs,
will make it possible to transfer images of the Kuskowski estate, replaced by centuries,
at a technologically new level.

The exhibition “Kuskovo. Milestones of the last century
”is intended to reflect the most important stages of the 100-year-old development
of Kuskovo as a museum:
the formation of the Historical and Domestic Museum in 1919
and its association with the Museum of Ceramics in 1937, the restoration work carried out
on the estate during the last century and the history of the collection
of museum collections. The second exhibition - “Kuskovo in the visual and decorative arts” -
will present the estate through the eyes of modern painters,
masters of engraving and decorative arts.