"Collection A.V. Morozova: porcelain, ceramics, glass »

100 years later after the nationalization of the collections of Russian art by the Moscow collector Alexei Vikulovich Morozov (1857-1934),the museum first turned to an exhibition project designed to pay tribute to one of the outstanding figures of Russian culture. For a long time his name remained “in the shadow of” the famous patrons of the Morozovs, and his achievements in the artistic history of Russia still have not received a decent assessment.

For the first time, the exhibition presents the main sections of the “porcelain” assembly of A.V. Morozova - Russian porcelain, ceramics and glass.They became the basis of the State Museum of Ceramics, in 1932 transferred to the estate Kuskovo. In the 1920s-1930s, other private collections were included in the ceramics museum, but the collection of Alexei Vikulovich is still the largest of them and is a foundation for the museum.

The exhibition exhibits photographic and graphic images of A.V. Morozov, archival documents related to the nationalization of the collection and the activities of Alexei Vikulovich at the first stages of the museum’s creation. Of particular interest are excerpts from his diary and one of the books of the scientific description of the collection, compiled by himself.