Автор: Ерастова Светлана Владимировна

Предмет: Английский язык. 8-11 классы

Тема: Культурно-досуговая сфера /Free Time /Entertainment /Visit to the Museum. Странa изучаемого языка /Society and Culture in Russia

Форма проведения: Урок – экскурсия на английском языке.
Самостоятельная работа в экспозиции музея.

Место проведения: Дворец, постоянная экспозиция
Продолжительность: 1 час 15 мин.

Запись по телефону: +7(495)375 31 31

Стоимость: группа до 5 чел. - 1 250 руб.
                     10 чел. - 3 500 руб;

                     15 чел. - 5 250 руб..


Иностранные языки можно успешно изучать в школе, а еще можно прийти в музей.
Усваивать тематическую лексику на подлинных экспонатах гораздо интереснее!
Урок в музее начинается с экскурсии на английском языке, повествующей об истории усадьбы Кусково, художественном убранстве Дворца, сохранившего подлинные интерьеры XVIII века. Далее школьники становятся активными участниками урока: самостоятельно изучая коллекции музея, выполняют разнообразные задания - устные и письменные. Цель: применение полученных знаний на практике. В ходе урока каждый ученик может попробовать себя в роли гида и провести небольшую экскурсию, или рассказать о понравившемся экспонате музея на английском языке. Учитель наблюдает за работой каждого ученика и может выставить оценки за работу на уроке и выполнение домашнего задания.




Kuskovo is a very interesting museum. I didn't regret that I spent time in this museum. It was very interesting and fascinating! I liked beautiful architecture and portraits. There was very much pleasant to me in the museum and I advise to go there to everyone! Kabanova Jilia, 22 April 2015

Kuskovo isn't only a park but also it has many museums. Now we are in the Sheremetievs' museum. There are a lot of rooms in it and each room is unique. In each room there are very beautiful chandeliers, porcelain vases, girandoles, candelabrums, tile stoves and more. This museum has a very beautiful white piano in the Dancing Room and a small organchik in the Crimson Room. I hope this museum has left many memories! Mihkailova Alexandra, 22 April 2015


Museum Kuskovo is a very nice one. There are a lot of beautiful exhibits. When I was in the museum, I liked beautiful crystal chandeliers, tapestries with different sceneries, porcelain vases. It was a very good and informative tour, I really liked it! Antipov Andrew, 22 April 2015

The museum has made a huge impression on me. It is amazing that the palace made of wood has been able to survive FOR so many years. In the museum we were shown many beautiful exhibits, like pictures, furniture, carpets to name a few. We also got acquainted with the rooms of count Sheremetev, his family and his guests. I am very glad that I’ve visited this beautiful palace and I hope I will do it again. Uryvaeva Alla,14 October 2016

I’d like to tell you a few words about our trip to the Kuskovo museum. That was incredible, beautiful place with amazing history. Our guide made a really informative lecture, it was interesting and inspiring. It was easy to understand her, though it was delivered in English, as we had prepared seriously for the excursion. We recognized the incredible history of this palace and we even were able to act as guides for other students. Frankly speaking, it was not an easy thing to always find the proper words for the things I would like to express both concerning factual material and the language one. But anyway I was happy to cope with this difficult task to everybody’s pleasure. The whole experience was just amazing! Actually, if you enjoy history, languages and arts this trip was made for you! Kumacheva Alyona, 14 October 2016



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